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Brazil is one incredible country. With a vast coastline, there are plenty of places for you to buy an incredible piece of land to have your beach house when you retire, or even for spending your holidays.

You may also enjoy country living, which is a very affordable option that easily pays off the investment if you are willing to start some sort of agribusiness. Brazil is famous for being "the barn of the world", because the weather and the land are fantastic for farmers and investors. In any case, you should contact us. We will be pleased to help with any legal issue, so that your stay or residence in Brazil is the most pleasant as possible.




How long will you wait to start living?


Carlos Góes is a Mathematician and MBA. Awarded cinematographer and philanthropist. Former triathlete and swim team member. Devoted dad and husband with great networking skills.


Carlos Góes with the actress Holland Taylor, from sitcom Two and a Half Men. Warner Studios, Burbank, 2009.